Best EASTLEADS Raw Material

  • EASTLEADS only uses the ISO standard material with leading brands to make sure the best mechanical performance.
  • EASTLEADS never uses regenerated tungsten powder in order to make sure consistent drawing dies.
  • EASTLEADS tungsten powder is always guaranteed by metallographic examination.


Advanced EASTLEADS Molding Process

  • EASTLEADS uses extreme conditions to mold EASTLEADS nibs.
  • EASTLEADS prefers the inert gas atmosphere during process to prevent any possible decay happened to nibs.
  • EASTLEADS Molding guarantees the perfect flatness and perpendicularity of the shaping pass in each nib.

Precise EASTLEADS Welding Technologies

  • EASTLEADS welding insures the core has great fastness in wire drawing process.
  • EASTLEADS precisely controls the combination of core and steel bushing use controlled pressure.
  • EASTLEADS calibrates welding equipment to insure the perpendicularity of the core in each die.

Unique EASTLEADS Sizing and Polishing

  • EASTLEADS designs the core pass use advanced models and simulation software to increase productivity.
  • EASTLEADS controls the size of each drawing die one by one by our quality insurance engineers.
  • EASTLEADS guarantees each die pass is perfectly polished to extend usage period.

EASTLEADS Always SAVE Money for Customer

  • EASTLEADS research group always provides the best technical support for customer.
  • EASTLEADS service group always provides the resizing service to save your budget.
  • EASTLEADS always guarantees the best product with best price delivered on time.

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