ND Wire Dies and SSCD Wire Dies

Natural Diamond Wire Dies and Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond Wire Dies


ND wire dies and SSCD wire dies have almost same applications in wire drawing. Natural diamond are usually containing some impurities because the diamond without impurities are usually used for jewelries. Eastleads checks each diamond carefully  to make sure there is no cracks on diamond surfaces.

Unlike natural diamond, SSCD is free of impurities, which leads to more reliable performance in wire drawing. SSCD has similar properties as natural diamond. Therefore, SSCD dies can be used on all the applications where is suitable for ND dies, such as medical wire, stainless wire, noble wire, copper wire and EDM wire.




Typical Sizes of ND Wire Dies and Standard Sizes of SSCD Dies

Diameter/mm Case Size Tolerance/mm Out of Roundness
0.01~0.049 25×7 0.0005 0.00025
0.05-0.199 25×8 0.0010 0.00050
0.200-0.499 25×8 0.0015 0.00075
0.500-0.999 25×10 0.0020 0.00100
1.000-1.499 25×12 0.0040 0.00200
1.500-2.500 25×12 0.0050 0.00250

Note: the profile of the dies can be totally customized, especially for SSCD wire dies.



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