EASTLEAD delivers all types of dies including natural diamond wire dies(ND), synthetic single crystal diamond wire dies(SSCD), polycrystalline diamond wire dies(PCD)and tungsten carbide wire dies(TC). They are made of different materials with different size range.


Die Types Minimal Diameter/mm Maximum Diameter/mm Minimal Diameter/inch Maximum Diameter/inch
Natural Diamond Drawing Dies(ND) 0.010 2.00 0.0004 0.08
Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond Wire Dies (SSCD) 0.025 1.20 0.0010 0.05
Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Dies (PCD) 0.100 20.00 0.0039 0.79
Tunstgen carbide Wire Dies(TC) 0.100 76.20 0.0039 3.00

EASTLEADS only uses leading brands’ materials to guarantee the product quality and consistency.

For standard product purchase, download the order form and fill the product number and send it to us through email We will give you a quote within 24 hours. For customized products, just send your drawings and materail requirements to We will give you a quote within 48 hours.  If you have any questions during the ordering, please call our sales engineer Wendy at 1-302-319-2798.


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