At AFFRT,  we believe saving energy and using energy more efficiently are the two major tasks involved in creating a sustainable energy supply for the future. This can be achieved by integrating energy-saving services and solutions in industries.

On average, energy costs account for at least 10% of all production costs. In energy-intensive industries such as steel, chemicals or pharmaceuticals, the percentage is up to 40% of the production costs. As a result, it is of great importance for energy savings.  The energy demand of AFFRT technology incorporated process  for ceramic and cement production, for example, is significantly lower compared to conventional process.

In Industry, AFFRT solutions can increase producers’ competitiveness and make their production more secure for the future – in the process, transforming energy from a burdensome cost factor into a true asset. Innovative drive technologies, for example, enable savings of 30% and higher. Therefore, AFFRT is able to provide a major contribution toward making energy efficient production a reality.

We can’t completely predict what our world will look like 50 years from now, but we constantly strives to be the leader in energy saving industry so that we can anticipate the rapid changes taking place in those heavy industries.


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