We care about the quality of each die we designed and manufactured until the end of life cycle.

EASTLEADS Technical Support

We optimize the design of each die for our valued customer and we source the best raw materials from globally leading metalurgical companies.


Customizing profiled dies is our most important service for your customers. By customizing profiled dies, you kept your product leading the market. Our engineers are here to help to optimize your drawing and minimize your cost.

EASTLEADS Applications

EASTLEADS offers best product and service for all types of wire drawing industries no matter big or small including aerospace, mining, transportation and for different applications, including aerospace, mining, transportation, and constructions.

Product Information

Welcome to visit our product catalog. If you need more information about EASTLEADS products, please call our sales team at 484-886-4296 or send us email to sales@eastleads.com.

Technical Service

Engineering a sustainable life is our target in our production development and after market service. We offer best recut or other technical solutions for our customer to reduce cost.

Request a quoto

If you need a quota of our products OR our services, please give us a call at 484-886-4296 or send your request to sales@eastleads.com. We will respond the quota in 24 hours.


EASTLEADS always delivers products together with techonogies. Newletters talks about science and techologies in wire drawing and offers learning & communication opportunities.